Meet the Sisters!

Name: Alexa Bertz
Year: Junior
Major: Biology, Certificate in Global Health
Other Student Orgs: Pre-Veterinary Association, Badger Volunteers
Hometown: St. Cloud, WI
Fun Fact: My favorite animal is the tree kangaroo and I love to play ukelele!

Name: Bieke de Bruijn
Year: Junior
Major: Dairy Science
Other student Orgs: AWA, Badger Dairy Club, UW MARCHING BAND
Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Fun fact: I’ve lived in 3 different countries, my favorite color is orange, my favorite animal is a cow, I thought I was smart until I came here.

Name: Clare Gietzel
Year: Junior
Major: Agronomy
Other Student Orgs: CFFA, AWA, Badger Crops, Crops Judging
Hometown: Monticello, WI
Fun Fact: I cannot live without coffee! I also have a huge collection of nail polish but only consistently wear three main colors (Badger red, dark purple, and hot pink!)

Name: Linnea Langusch
Year: Senior
Major: Animal Science and Life Science Communications
Hometown: Waterford, WI
Other Student Orgs: Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Meat Science Club
Fun Fact: I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I love working with animals, particularly horses and one of my goals in life is to own pygmy goats. Although my favorite animal is a squirrel, my spirit animal is a penguin.

Name: Reba McClone
Year: Senior
Major: Life Sciences Communication, Certificate in Business Management for the Life Sciences
Other Student Orgs: CFFA
Hometown: Bonduel, WI
Fun Fact: I work as a bartender. I love tattoos, getting them and looking at them.  I really wish I was good at art, but can barely draw stick figures.

Name: Josie Russo
Year: Junior
Major: Life Sciences Communication
Other student Orgs: AWA
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Fun fact: My favorite animals are Scottish Highland cows. I also have an unhealthy obsession with monograms.

Name: Hannah Stellrecht
Year: Senior
Major: Wildlife Ecology
Other student Orgs: The Wildlife Society, UW Madison Collegiate 4H (Potentially…it’s still in the process of becoming a real Org 🙂
Hometown: Spooner, WI
Fun fact: My spirit animal is a Baby Elephant and I believe that everyone has a spirit animal, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Name: Amanda Straszewski
Year: Junior
Major: Biochemistry
Other student Orgs: SSSCR, Oneness of Humankind
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Fun fact: I plan to travel a lot in the future, but so far I’ve only been to New York, Puerto Rico, California, and most of the Midwestern states. I don’t like feet and I have weird thing when it comes to food textures. I am also extremely into video games, so don’t hesitate to drop your psn/gt.


Name: Samantha Vosters
Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Other Student Orgs: Association of Women in Agriculture
Hometown: Chippewa Falls, WI
Fun Fact: Sam plays in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band!

Name: Taylor Wickert
Year: Sophomore
Major: Animal Science
Other Student Orgs: Pre-Vet Association, Colleges Against Cancer, STLF
Hometown: Watertown, WI
Fun Fact: I’m ADDICTED to chocolate. I’ve been going on mission trips with my church every summer since I was 10, and I love all types of music, but Carrie Underwood holds a special place in my heart.


Name: Nicole Busse
Year: Sophomore
Major: Animal Science
Other Student Orgs: Pre-Vet Association
Hometown: Rockford, IL
Fun Fact: I love traveling, and I have been to Europe three times.

Name: Abby Watt
Year: Sophomore
Major: Animal Science
Other Student Orgs: Pre-Vet Association, Badgers with a Heart, Music Therapy Association
Hometown: Needham, MA
Fun Fact: I am scuba dive certified.

Name: Meghan Skiba
Year: Junior
Major: Dairy Science
Other Student Orgs: I am also involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger dairy club, and Saddle and Sirloin Club on campus.
Hometown: Cambridge, MN
Fun Fact: I’m very passionate about agriculture! I grew up on my family’s dairy farm, and I enjoy showing cattle and taking care of calves!

Name: Christie Leung
Year: Sophomore
Animal Science and Psychology
Other Student Orgs: Pre-Vet Club, HKSA
Hong Kong, China
Fun Fact:
I love to travel and especially like the sun and going to the beach.




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